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  • Living With Ptsd (1)

    Living With PTSD

    Living with PTSD is an ongoing, never ending uphill battle. Some of us deal with it by compartmentalizing our traumas, putting them into a box and throwing away the key. Yet that key never gets thrown very far. It somehow finds its way back into our back pockets. Our traumas still dwell deep within us….

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  • Shared Story Featured Image

    The story of Heaven Leigh

    Let others hear your voice, your story. In doing so you may help countless people. This is the heart wrenching story of Heaven Leigh as told by her grieving mother. “This is my daughter Heaven Leigh. She was my only child. She was smart and beautiful. She attended the school of the arts in Edmonton…

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  • Another High

    Another High

    As life progressed after my rape and the molestation by my brother that followed, I did what many victims do—I turned to sex and drugs. I took all of the trauma I’d endured and placed it in boxes in my mind. I started with alcohol and pot, and soon got into cocaine. It was like…

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  • Brittney P Keep Going

    Keep Going

    This is a story from one of our beloved community members, Brittany P. “I survived a brutally violent rape at 16 after being drugged with the date rape drug. I woke up in the middle of it, paralyzed. One of the guys that was watching laughed at me when I opened my eyes and told…

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  • Unworthy


    Home. I was home. I lay on the floor at my mother’s feet, clawing at her shins as she bent down to look at me before bolting to the phone. I was screaming, wailing, sobbing, digging my jagged nails into the carpet. “I was raped! He’s still out there! Lock the door!” She punched a…

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